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The Contouring Module brings more depth and detail to dynamic simulation through a graphical interface for mine models, stockpiles, heap leaches, and tailings facilities. DXF files may be read directly into METSIM, allowing for the construction of 3-dimensional models to represent any stage of your process.

Material may be tracked 'live-time' as it leaves the mine and enters the stockpiles or plant, and then continues through to tailings or waste-disposal by viewing the various contour windows during METSIM calculation. Such detail is critical in determining the most efficient mine plan, stacking plans and waste management.

Mine model in METSIM built using the Contouring Module. Ore types are color-coded in the above, 

however, any other data present in the mine model may also be color-coded for a detail understanding 

of mineralogy, metals assays, etc. Drill-hole locations are also represented in the above by red circles.

Heap leach contours representing all lifts of the pile, color-coded based on elevation. Such information may be 

imported directly from survey data or dxf files. Contours are then used to build a 3-dimensional heap model.

Tailings facility contours in METSIM. Contours are color-coded based on elevation and are used to build a 

3-dimensional model of the tailings pond. Solid and solution levels are then tracked daily as the simulation is calculated.

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