Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Through months of strategic planning and consulting, Metsim International, LLC (MSI) is now prepared to operate and manage METSIM as a team comprised of those who helped write its history.  All ownership and intellectual property rights, including licensing rights, to METSIM software products are now assets of MSI and, as we have in the past, we will continue to internally develop new programs for you, our end-user.  We are committed to maintaining the culture of excellence and commitment that has set METSIM apart from its competitors. Moving forward, MSI’s mission will continue to be the offering of the best process simulator on the market coupled with responsive and professional support and service from our staff.

Although METSIM will now be licensed through MSI, you will not experience any visible changes in the software, nor will our contacts change for technical support.  Moreover, our global sales agent network will remain intact, creating no extra paperwork for license updates or regional training sessions. In addition to our existing team, we will be creating a core consulting and engineering group focused on model development and support, allowing us to expand our suite of services.  We believe the addition of this highly-skilled and proficient team will provide significant time and cost savings for you.

As part of MSI’s reorganization, we are excited to announce several new features now available for our latest version, 2019.04, with significant improvements scheduled to be published over the next several months, including:

  • Faster simulation convergence speeds;
  • Expanded Mine Module for inclusion of geologic and mine plan models;
  • Dynamic Tailings Pond balances using survey/AutoCAD information;
  • Additional tools to the Engineering Module, including a Data Sheet Generator; and
  • Enhanced graphics capabilities

In adhering to our mission, your input is vital to the development and improvement of METSIM, and will always be taken into consideration when expanding METSIM’s capabilities.