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METSIM® version 2021.02 is now available online at

Major developments include the addition of new programs allowing for METSIM® to communicate with external data sources, such as text and comma separated variable files. A vast improvement to Dynamic Data Exchange, this feature provides the ability to link METSIM® models with nearly any other data source or software without the need to have these external files or programs open. Many METSIM® users are already utilizing these features to achieve Digital Twins in their operations, aiding in control room simulations and detailed operator training packages. Several minor program bugs have also been addressed.

Take note that the file size restriction in previous versions of METSIM® was removed in v2020.06, allowing for the creation of very large and complex model files.

For a complete list of updates available in METSIM® v2021.02, please contact a technical or sales agent in your region.


MSI is offering time-limited software keys, free of charge, to all current METSIM® customers who are currently working remotely due to Covid-19. For more information, please contact the sales or technical agent in your geographical territory, or email us at

Stay safe.


MSI will continue to post short, precise tutorial videos for all METSIM® users to access at the following link:
Please contact any member of our team with questions regarding this content or for any other METSIM® related inquiry.


Starting in mid-July, in addition to our current USB hardlock keys, we will be offering new software keys for METSIM® licensing and protection. Both stand-alone/single-user as well as network access keys will be available. For more information and pricing, please contact us at