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METSIM® version 2021.09 is now available online at

Major updates include the ongoing API development with both FactSage and Geochemist’s Workbench (GWB). Initial FactSage functionality is currently available within METSIM®, with new tools planned for future versions. A working prototype for the GWB link is expected functional by Q4 of 2021, with a commercial version available by early Q1 2022. Several bugs were also addressed in this release – please contact an agent in your area for a detailed list.

Note that the license key protocols have been updated, giving priority to USB keys over SL keys; this allows end-users to easily navigate between local/server and USB/SL keys on a single computer.

For a complete list of updates available in METSIM® v2021.09, please contact a technical or sales agent in your region.


MSI will continue to post short, precise tutorial videos for all METSIM® users to access at the following link:
Please contact any member of our team with questions regarding this content or for any other METSIM® related inquiry.


Starting in mid-July, in addition to our current USB hardlock keys, we will be offering new software keys for METSIM® licensing and protection. Both stand-alone/single-user as well as network access keys will be available. For more information and pricing, please contact us at