METSIM Version 2020.06 Now Available

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

METSIM version 2020.06 is now available online at

Major developments include access to the many programs and windows from within unit operation and controller parameter windows; including to the APL keyboard, component list and user created object library. Moreover, the multicomponent particle size calculations have been added to a number of unit operations in the Comminution Module.

New programs have been added for detailed heat balancing of heap leach columns, with current efforts focusing on scaling these calculations to the commercial heap leach unit operations.

Take note that the file size restriction in previous versions of METSIM has been removed in v2020.06, allowing for the creation of very large and complex model files.

For a complete list of updates available in METSIM v2020.06, please contact a technical or sales agent in your region.