METSIM® Version 2021.06 is Now Available

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

METSIM® version 2021.02 is now available online at

Major developments include the seamless software link to FactSage for thermodynamic equilibrium calculations within the Free Energy Minimization unit operation. These features are now available, however, we are continuing our relationship with FactSage in order to maximize the benefits of linking the two systems, adding to the abilities within both. Moreover, MSI is developing a software link with The Geochemist’s Workbench, allowing for aqueous equilibrium calculations within METSIM® – a powerful addition to hydrometallurgical modeling. Digital Twin creating with METSIM® is also easier now with a suite of new tools for linking external files to streams and unit operations within models.

Finally, METSIM® v2021.06 includes a new drawing button: Undo Drawing Updates. Flowsheet construction is now simpler and stress-free with the addition of this undo – be sure to check with your local support team for details on its functionality.

For a complete list of updates available in METSIM® v2021.06, please contact a technical or sales agent in your region.