Comminution & Gravity Separation Module

The comminution and material balance module can be used to calculate consistent plant material balances, parameterize equipment models, and simulate comminution circuits for optimizing performance. Output from simulations include the complete Screen Analysis of all process streams, power requirements, equipment sizing, and may used to build equipment availability matrices.

Crushing and grinding circuits can be sized with METSIM® and laboratory test data. Combined with the dynamic simulation module, the comminution module can be used to analyze strategies to optimize and control aggregate plants and crushing, screening and grinding processes.

Throughput improvements up to 30 percent have been realized as a result of METSIM® modeling.

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Also included with the Comminution Module is the Gravity Separation/Coal Preparation feature. Included are all of the unit operations necessary for dense media separation. Washability data for coal, sulfur and ash may be added based on particle size, adding complexity and completeness to your gravity separation models.

Washability data plots for coal in METSIM®. Three-dimensional plots (left) may be generated for coal, sulfur and ash. Data may also be viewed in a plot (right) that includes coal, sulfur and ash washabilities by particle size.