METCOST, Operating Cost Module

Operating costs are generated as a spreadsheet, with the cost items listed in rows and the costs in columns. The spreadsheet is set up by defining the cost areas, then the items in each area with their costs and then their types.

METSIM®‘s Operating Cost Module is designed to enable the user to use the data generated by the flowsheet model to generate tables of operating costs. Costs are output in spreadsheet format and can be itemized by flowsheet section, unit operation, and cost types. A series of routines are provided in a menu structure for input, calculation, editing and output. Operating costs can be determined, at any time following the calculation of a model.

Costs can be incurred in different currencies and assembled in a single currency. The menu structure is designed to enable the user to input data by classification, such as labor, materials etc. for each unit operation and plant section as appropriate, and output itemized costs for display, printing and export.

Labor, Materials and Reagents and Raw Materials usage and consumption are assigned to plant sections and individual unit operations via the editor task button.

Included in the Operating Cost Module is the program OPCOST, a powerful tool for estimating mining CAPEX and OPEX over the life-of-mine.

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