Considered the industry standard, METSIM® is the world’s leading simulation software for metallurgical and chemical engineering processes. With full access to a programming language (APL) there are literally no limits to METSIM®, other than those imposed by your computer operating system. Models can be as incredibly simple or as infinitely complex as needed for your mining or processing facility.

Complete Project Simulation in Five Modes

  • Mass Balancing based on Design Criteria
  • Detailed Equipment Sizing and Equipment Lists
  • Steady State Simulation: Mass & Energy Balancing
  • Parameterization to Simulate Existing Plants
  • Dynamic Simulation for Time-Varying Parameters


  • Easy to Add New Unit Operations
  • Unlimited Number of Unit Operations & Streams
  • Flowsheet and Dynamic Graphics
  • May Calculate Portions of Flowsheets
  • Robust Flowsheet Convergence


  • Extensive Thermodynamic Database
  • Chemical Kinetics and Phase Equilibrium
  • Eight Phases of State, including Solid, Molten, Liquid, Aqueous, & Gas Phases

Process Control

  • Feedback and PID Controllers
  • Logic/Expert System Controllers
  • Equations may be Entered by User


  • Mine Capital & Operating Costs
  • Plant Operating Costs

Full Graphical Interface

  • Truly Interactive Program and Menus
  • Easy to Learn, Get Immediate Results


  • Spreadsheet Interface to Excel
  • DDE interface to Excel, InTouch
  • DXF interface to AutoCAD

Unit Operations

There are presently over 200 unit operations available in METSIM®, though many more may be simulated using a range of ‘generic unit operations’, including stream splitters, phase splitters, etc.

Some of the many unit operations in METSIM® include:

• Bins, Conveyors, Stockpiles
• Autogenous, SAG, Rod and Ball Mills
• CCDs, Clarifiers, Filters, Thickeners
• Mixers, Splitters, Distributors
• Stoichiometric, Free Energy Reactors
• CIP, CIL, Solvent Extraction
• Flotation and Electrochemical Cells
• Autoclaves, Boilers, Solar Ponds
• Dryers, Kilns, Incinerators
• Absorbers, Strippers, Cooling Towers
• Dense Media Baths, Drums, Vessels
• Gravity Jigs, Spirals and Tables
• Breakers, Crushers, Impactors
• Hydrocyclones, Screens, Classifiers
• Ponds, Pumps, Sumps, Tanks
• Equilibrium Stage Reactors
• Evaporators, Crystallizers
• Carbon and Ion Exchange Columns
• Heap, Vat and Agitation Leaching
• Converters, Furnaces, Roasters
• Heat Exchangers, Flash Separators
• Scrubbers, Baghouses, ESPs
• Dense Media Cyclones and Screens
• Air Cyclones, Magnetic Separators


METSIM® offers a complete solution for any mining or manufacturing process with our add-on modules. From Engineering, to Operating Costs, to Heat Balance Calculations, and more, create the complete system you need to run your operation.

Base/mass balance

This module performs mass balance calculations around each unit operation and includes Chemical, Mineral Beneficiation and Hydrometallurgical models. Learn more…

Dynamic simulation and heap leaching

Dynamic simulation capability is being added to each unit operation as there is a demand for it; all operations concerned in heap leaching have already been provided with dynamic simulation. The heap leach module performs mass balances around the heap leach process including chemical reactions, precipitation and evaporation, solids and water inventories, and process controls. The model is non-steady state and generates time dependent plots of all critical variables in the operation. It includes DDE and PID Controllers, Heap Leaching, Solar Energy/Weather Module w/Solar Pond. Used to model processes that are time dependent. Learn more…

Heat balance

This module performs heat balance calculations around each unit operation and reports temperatures and the heat contents for each stream. Heat losses and heats of reaction are also calculated and reported. It includes an extensive Thermodynamics Database and several Pyrometallurgical models. Learn more…


Used for building complex mine, stockpile, heap leach, and tailings models from DXF contour files and for displaying detailed data graphically. Learn more…

Metcost, operating cost

The Operating Cost Module is designed to enable the user to use the data generated by the flowsheet model to generate tables of operating costs. Costs are output in spreadsheet format and can be itemized by flowsheet section, unit operation, and cost types. A series of routines are provided in a menu structure for input, calculation, editing and output. Operating costs can be determined, at any time following the calculation of a model. Learn more…

Comminution and gravity separation

This module includes Crushing, Grinding, Classification, Plant Material Balances, Gravity Separation, Dense Media, Coal Preparation Washability and Liberation Models. Learn more…


The Mine Module allows import of drill-hole data, the mine block model and the mining sequence. The feed to the waste dumps, heaps, stockpiles and plant can then be taken directly from the mine. This allows dynamic simulation over the life of the mine. Learn more…


Sizes Equipment, Generates Equipment Lists, Adds Instrumentation, Generates Instrumentation Lists, Simulates Process Control System. Learn more…